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music to Profiles and Stories

Facebook Now Allows to Add Music to Profile and Stories

Today it was announced by Facebook that it would be providing many new ways to the users for incorporating music into their user identities....

Ufone Introduced Self-Service Booth for Customers

If you are one of those people who hate to wait in the lounge of the customer service centres of your cellular firm for...
pakistan rice exports

Pakistan’s basmati rice exports increased by 19.14 percent

During the period from July to June 2017-18, Pakistan’s basmati rice exports have seen a tremendous increase of 19.14 percent. Pakistan has exported 520,759...

Water Flow increases in all the Rivers in Pakistan

The growing water scarcity problem in Pakistan is on one side which should be addressed with long-term planning but a recent monsoon spells across...

Indonesia Willing to Strengthen Economic Ties with Pakistan in Punjab

A bunch of Indonesian investors have displayed immense interest relating investments in the province of Punjab.The provincial government is said to be adopting policies...

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