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Casio’s ‘2.5D’ Printer Opening New Dimensions of Printing

By now “3D printing” is a globally acknowledged term, but wait “2.5D printing” for sure sounds strange to ears. Casio demonstrated this Mofrel printing...

Panasonic robust plans for Middle East under new leadership

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa the regional headquarters has announced its robust plans for the fiscal year 2017-18 under the new leadership. Panasonic...
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YouTube removing videos with extremist content

YouTube has taken down as many as 50,000 videos featuring radical Islamic preacher named Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed in drone strike in 2011.According...

17 private schools charged for unsanctioned fee hike

Some private schools have been charged with an amount of 20,000 rupees per day because of their non-compliance with the rules relating fee increases....
self-sailing ships

Rolls Royce, Intel Collaborated for Making Self-Sailing Ships

The automobile firm—Rolls Royce has partnered up with Intel for the purpose of building self-sailing ships. The concept is entirely unique, and the ship...

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