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import duties

Register Imported Mobile Phones Till March 28th

The government of Pakistan has extended the registration date for imported mobile phones. The deadline has been extended by 2 months. Now the last...
cell phone maker

Huawei is the second most prevalent cell phone maker

China's Huawei has taken over Apple as the second most prevalent cell phone maker on the planet in worldwide unit deals in June-July 2017,...
intel i9

Intel Core i9 is the most advanced processor for laptops today

Intel reported the primary Core i9 8th era chips for laptops today. The model is named as Intel Core i9-8950HK, which is said to...

The new whatsapp update improves on document sharing

The most recent update on WhatsApp has gotten rid of the file type impediments on its document sharing element. Enabling users to share any...

Suzuki jacks up prices again by Rs40,000

On Wednesday in a notification, Pak Suzuki jacks up prices of its vehicles again for the 5th time in one year by Rs40,000 amid...

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