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New Punjab Club

New Punjab Club Awarded with The Michelin Honour

First Pakistani Restaurant New Punjab Club Awarded Michelin StarThe New Punjab Club has been awarded the Michelin Honour....

Instagram introduced the sideway timeline to users by accident

On the off chance that you opened up Instagram today and found that your timeline orientation was completely reversed, you weren't the...
Confidential Mode

Google’s Confidential Mode might not be as safe as it sounds

Google's huge Gmail update was uncovered this past April (with G Suite clients getting the principal look). It moved toward becoming the default for...

PTA to test 5G innovation in the country soon

The government's division of Information Technology and Telecommunications has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to begin leading tests for the new 5G innovation, before...

Chocolate to become Extinct due to Climate Change

All the chocolate lovers, this is not a good news for you, as experts believe that because of rising temperatures and drastic changes in...

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