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Top 10 Airlines in the World

TripAdvisor has revealed their top ten world’s best airlines.Here is the list of top ten airlines in the worldSingapore Airlines Air New Zealand ...
power tariff

NEPRA increases the electricity price by Rs1.16 per unit

According to the notice issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), there is an increase of Rs1.16 per unit has been proposed...

Singer, Waves & Link Well Merger

As per a stock notice, Singer Pakistan Ltd is merging with Cool Industries Ltd. Cool Industries produce home appliances in Pakistan, under brand name...

Toyota Camry: The brand product redefined

Since its introduction as the first ever transverse-engine, front-wheel-drive Toyota auto in 1963, the Camry has held a long refinement as a complete family...

Imran Khan’s Third Marriage—Rumour or Fact

Imran Khan has secretly tied the knot again—and this time with a woman who was his spiritual mentor, The News claimed this in a...

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