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Swvl Resumes its Service with More Safety Precautions

Swvl bus service made an announcement that they will be continuing their service in Pakistan with more and more precautionary measures so that both the travelers and crew members remain safe.

As per the press release, Swvl is working together with the government’s transportation officials in order to create awareness between all the riders of Swvl regarding the pandemic.

The precautionary measures that the company has implemented are; the crew is trained to clean all the seats before and after every ride and the captains have been provided with disinfectants. 

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There has been a new policy of open windows activated for the riders so that they can get fresh air and ventilation. Along with this policy, the riders can now lower the seats in order to get a personal space for themselves.

The ride-hailing service apart from telling the riders to clean the hands frequently and to keep a personal space while traveling is also advising all the travelers to limit their traveling, only for necessary purposes.

The bus service is closely observing the current situation and is concerned to add more precautionary measures to its service.

On the other hand, the Punjab government has launched an online web portal, home testing kits, and helpline services. They named the portal as “Coronavirus Telemedicine Web Portal”

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