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Swvl Increases its Base Fare by up to 10 Times

Swvl has increased its base fare by ten times, in less than a year of its launch in Pakistan. The company has increased its fares without making an official statement. The Egyptian bus-hailing service began its operations in Pakistan back in July 2019.

Initially launched in Lahore, the cost was around Rs. 20 per seat. This will be soon surged to Rs. 50 per trip.

The operations of Swvl have been expanded to other cities including Karachi and Islamabad, in September 2019. But just after four months of its launch in these cities, Swvl has surged the prices again by up to 10 times.

A Rs.100 promo is being run by Swvl that gives this impression that the prices have been almost doubled. Also, a 30-kilometer ride which costed Rs.50 previously has now surged to Rs. 200 per head.

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Due to some backlash on social media because of the unannounced increment, the move was defended on the official Twitter handle. They said that this step has been taken for ‘sustainability and provision of quality service.’

Swvl Pakistan tweeted, “Hey, thanks for reaching out to us. Please be informed that Swvl has moved to a route based pricing to become more sustainable and to ensure we continue to provide reliable service. Now, you will be able to book rides for as low as Rs 100 only, by using the promo “100Swvl”.”

In an earlier article, we informed our readers that Swvl and the Government of Sindh are working together for providing a mass transit solution to the people of Sindh with the provincial government generously agreeing to support Swvl in establishing the transportation infrastructure of Karachi.

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