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Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain Projects Pakistan’s Flag Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain

Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain projected Pakistan’s flag for showing solidarity withe the people of Pakistan who are combating the coronavirus epidemic.

The picture of the flag of Pakistan has been projected on the Matterhorn Mountain, that is situated in Zermatt, Switzerland.

The flags of many other nations including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were also projected on the mountain in the Alps.

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The picture of the Pakistani flag projected on the mountain was shared on the official social media account with the caption that likewise in Pakistan which is a country with high mountains, same as Switzerland the coronavirus cases are surging, and that they show solidarity with the Pakistanis and wish them all the strength.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization has warned that the coronavirus cases in Pakistan could increase to 200,000 by the mid of July if proper preventive protocols are not taken to handle the spread of the virus.

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