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Swimming Banned on Karachi Beaches on Christmas and New Year

A ban has been imposed by the government of Sindh on swimming and diving under Section-144 at the beaches of Karachi implementing from the 24th of December till the 2nd of January 2018.

The ban has been imposed especially from restraining people to swim and dive on Christmas and New Year.

As per the notification, the Karachiites have been barred from swimming by the home department—Sindh government because of the loss of lives and accidents that have high probabilities of occurrence during celebrations and gathering at beaches.

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According to the notification release, most of the Karachiites would be celebrating their New Year night that is 31st December on the beach and the Christian community would be celebrating their holy festival on the 25th of December. Both these events would be resulting in huge gatherings at different beaches for recreational activities, which have given rise to the anxiety of loss of lives and accidents that have highest chances on such crowds.

The Commissioner has suggested for the implication of the ban under Section-144 Cr.P.C on bathing or swimming or diving at all the beaches and seaside within the boundary limits of Karachi Division from the evening of Christmas that is 24th December to 25th December and on the New Year Night form the 31st of December until the morning of 2nd January 2018.

The Sindh government has given orders to the concerned police officials to launch complaints against people violating Section-144 during the mentioned days.

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