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Swedish Automotive Giant Scania To Introduce Heavy Trucks And Buses In Pakistan

Foreign companies are getting attracted to Pakistani market as yet another foreign company announces a project in Pakistan. Scania is a famous heavy marketable vehicle producer Swedish company. The company has declared that now it will introduce heavy vehicles including premium trucks, buses and coaches in Pakistan through a domestic distributor.

After this the company would explore further dimensions and might set up a manufacturing plant in the South Asian nation. A contract has been done between Scania and Yousaf Dewan Companies for distribution of the heavy vehicles in Pakistani market. The agreement was signed between Christian Levin Scania Executive Vice President Sales and Yousaf Dewan Marketing and Companies Chairman.

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Levin spoke on the occasion saying that Pakistan is an emerging market especially in light of CPEC and their company is pleased to start their project in the country. Also he said that they have raised the bar higher by introducing Scania heavy vehicles in the country, this way the full potential of Pakistani market can be explored. Scania would definitely benefit through this project but it would also aid Pakistani socio economic growth and development by offering employment opportunities and exploring business dimensions in the nation.  

Scania is a company that stared operating in 1891 and since then it has seen success in production of heavy trucks and buses. Now after more than a century the company has its projects spread in 100 countries and has given employment to around 42,100 people.

 Chairman of Yousaf Dewan Companies commented on the occasion by saying that Pakistan market is growing in current times specially the heavy vehicle sector so it is just the right time for Scania to introduce its product in Pakistan.

He further praised the government for its policies that has enabled the revival of motor industry in Pakistan. Also CPEC, $57 billion investment in energy and infrastructure projects has appealed foreign companies to start working in Pakistan.

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