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Sweden Plans to Ban Petrol, Diesel Cars From 2030


Sweden intends to ban petrol, diesel cars from 2030.

As per the Finance Market and Housing Minister—Per Bolund, this measure would help Sweden in becoming the world’s first fossil-free welfare state. Presently though the nation is home to 4.7 million cars, and fewer than 100,000 are electric.

In a bid to phase out the fossil fuels, Sweden is planning to launch an investigation into steps that would bar the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onwards, as per the national broadcaster SVT.

The Finance Market and Housing Minister of the Green Party said that the transport sector accounts for a third of greenhouse gas emissions of Sweden and thus plays an important role in the climate change adaption.

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For reaching the ambitious target of reducing the emissions from domestic transport to seventy per cent less in 2030 than what they were in 2010, more drastic steps are needed, Bolund said.

As per him, there is no single solution for achieving the goal. Instead, it is all about implementing many steps at once, adopting new technologies, electrification, new car models and extracting the biofuels from the Swedish forest and Swedish agriculture are some of the examples. But a switch from fossil fuels to electric traffic is seen as of the most significant, if not as symbolic measures.

He said that they need more electric cars, charging hybrid cars and other types of automobile that are not dependent on fossil fuels. He added that is immensely significant and suggested that this would help Sweden to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare state.

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