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Swat to Get An Engineering University Soon

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has taken the decision of setting up an engineering university in Swat.

The approximated cost of the project is nearly Rs.4 billion. The institute would be producing high potential and market-focused graduates. The university would be referred to as the Swat University of Engineering and Technology (SUET). The institute would be serving as a chain which connects the academia, industry and the government in a triple helix.

The PM has appointed Hamid Naveed as the focal person on the SUET project. He also claimed that this university would be different in every aspect from the other universities especially from the point of view of the administration. For the solution of these issues on a low level, a decentralized system would soon be implemented in SUET.

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Dr Najeebullah a famous figure in the SUET project said that 6 disciplines would be set up in the university which includes the biomedical engineering, mining and metallurgy, computer system engineering, civil engineering, institute of materials, energy engineering and the institute of manufacturing.

He also added that the institute of manufacturing would be acting as a research centre where the students would be conducting the research on the issues being faced by the local industry and is coming up with viable solutions in a given time frame.

He also said that they would try their best to introduce a joint program with the Nobel universities across the globe. The SUET committee is definitely thinking beyond its time as they have mentioned that for dealing with the issues of unemployment, the pupils would be taught the state-of-the-art entrepreneurial skills that would help them in building their own business.

As per the official documentation submitted for the SUET, the university would comprise of 3 major sections, that is the enterprise, an academic wing and think tank.

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