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Suzuki jacks up prices again by Rs40,000

On Wednesday in a notification, Pak Suzuki jacks up prices of its vehicles again for the 5th time in one year by Rs40,000 amid rupee depreciation against the dollar.

Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation has taken the measures to control its import bill which has been increased due to rupee depreciation against the dollar, as a result of this measure Pak Suzuki has announced to increase the prices of its vehicles.

The company jacks up prices of Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Swift by Rs40,000, with effect from November 1, 2018.

However, the prices of other popular vehicles would remain unchanged including Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Ravi, and Suzuki Bolan, it is important to mention that these car models have also seen a dip in sales recently, therefore, increasing prices for these models would hurt the sales further hence, the company is not increasing the prices of these models.

The new price for Suzuki Wagon R VXR will be Rs1,184,000 and for VXL variant Rs1,274,000.

Moreover, the prices of Suzuki Swift DLX and AT have been increased to Rs1,515,000 and Rs1,651,000 respectively. The prices of Cultus VXR, VXL and AGS have been raised to Rs1,380,000, Rs1,501,000 and Rs1,608,000 respectively.

Not only Suzuki, but almost all major auto manufacturers including Kia Motors, Atlas Honda, Indus Motors, and Pak Suzuki have increased the prices more than three times a year.

The pressure is mounting up on auto manufacturers due to continuous rupee devaluation, Rupee was valued at Rs105 against dollar during November last year which has been depreciated since then, it remained at Rs110 against dollar until March, 2018, now Rupee against dollar is valued at Rs132 resulting in heavy import bills, expensive parts and finally increased overall prices of vehicles.