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Suspicious Packages Received at Pakistani and Other Foreign Consulates in Australia

suspicious packages

The Australian police is busy investigating the delivery of suspicious packages sent to the foreign embassies and consulates in Melbourne and Canberra, as informed by the sources in police and embassy.

As per the reports, the consulates of the United Kingdom, Pakistan and the United States are among the ones that have received the package, besides many others.

The Australian Federal Police said that the packages are being investigated by attending emergency services. The circumstances are also being studied and examined.

The state police in Melbourne said that the incidents were considered to be targeted and not affecting the general community.

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Emergency workers had been seen at the consulates of France, New Zealand, India, Greece, South Korea and Italy as per the Australian broadcaster ABC News.

One of the official of British High Commissioner said that they are liaising closely with the federal police and the local authorities.

He added that all their staff is safe and accounted for.

Peter Erb—the husband of honorary consul Manuela Erb told BBC that the Swiss consulate in Melbourne received a small envelop labelled “asbestos”. He said that they immediately placed the envelope in another bag and rang the emergency service and they came and took the bag away.

He added that they now know that the item in the bag was not possibly bio-hazard.

The United States consulate has also notified the authorities regarding a suspicious package, as informed by a spokesman to Reuters.

Earlier on Monday, suspicious parcels were received at Argentina’s consulate in Sydney containing a white substance which later was proved to be non-toxic.

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