Surge in the Prices of Number Plates by 15 percent in Punjab

number plates

The Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department have made the announcement that it has taken the decision of increasing the prices of the number plates of cars and bikes by 15 percent in the province of Punjab.

As per the shared details, the car and bike number plate prices would witness a surge of 15 percent. Presently, a number plate of a car costs Rs.1,200 while that of a bike costs Rs.750.

A 15 percent surge would mean that the car owners would have to pay an extra Rs.180 now and the bike owners would have to pay nearly Rs.113 more for the registration plates.

A summary has been sent by the Excise department to the CM Punjab-Usman Buzdar for his approval.

Rao Shakeel-the Additional Director General of E&TD, the department is working for ensuring that the 2 million pending number plates are delivered to the customers.

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