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Supreme Court to Start E-Court System from Monday

e-court system

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, for the first time, would be starting the e-court system from Monday, as per the reports of Radio Pakistan.

The introduction of the electronic system is the first of its kind in the judicial history of Pakistan that courts would be linked via applications of the recent video-link connectivity.

The system would prove advantageous to the lawyers as well as to the litigants and would make the judicial system more responsive towards the needs of the people for approaching courts for the redressal of their issues.

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According to the details, initially, this facility would be started at the Principal Seat, Islamabad and the Supreme Court Branch Registry, Karachi.

A 3-member bench led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khan Khosa would be starting the hearing sessions of the cases via this facility from Monday.

The facility of e-court would provide an effective and efficient platform which would boost the legal fraternity for pleading their cases without any delay and at the same time would provide ease to the advocates to carry on their cases in other courts in the city where the branch registry is present.

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