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Supreme Court Removes Ban on 3 Mineral Water Brands

The Supreme Court has removed the ban on the production and sale of three mineral water brands on Sunday including the Aquafina, Kinley and Springley.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, leading the bench passed the orders while hearing to the session about taking notice of the drinking water facilities at the SC Lahore Registry.

Director General Noor-ul-Amin of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) put forward his appeal as the proceedings started before the bench and submitted that the PFA teams had gathered samples from the twenty-three bottled water firms across the city of Lahore and then the samples were sent to the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR).

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He further said that the three brands already mentioned Aquafina, Kinley and Springley were barred as they failed the laboratory tests conducted on their samples—there were dangerous components and chemicals including the microbiological germs were found in them hence it failed to meet the food standards.

He further briefed that the samples of the mentioned companies were again sent for a retest to other two different laboratories and as per the reports of those labs the water was declared safe for drinking.

Considering the statement made by the Director-General PFA, the Supreme Court—bench removed the placed ban on the making and sale of water by these brands.

In the meantime, the bench also permitted the DG PFA to give permission for making sixty-one minor water filtration plants operational, only if their water quality is found satisfactory upon inspection.

The authority earlier had shut down sixty-one filtration plants in the various parts of the city after their water quality was found unsatisfactory.

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