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Supreme Court Referred Hajj Balloting Case to Islamabad High Court

The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan on Monday instructed to refer all the pending cases in all the High Courts relating the Hajj balloting to the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

A three-membered bench of the top court led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP)—Mian Saqib Nisar and Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Umar Ata heard the case.

As the case hearing proceeded the court was told that there are two pending cases in Sindh while one is in Multan relating the Hajj balloting.

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The chief justice on hearing this mentioned that all the cases should be referred to the Islamabad High Court and instructed the Islamabad High Court to hear all the pending cases relating the Hajj balloting.

He also instructed the Islamabad High Court to announce a decision on all these pending cases within two weeks.

The government counsel also requested the court to give permission for conducting the Hajj balloting.

The chief justice rejected the request of the government counsel and instructed to contact Islamabad High Court in this matter.

The Hajj balloting was originally planned to take place on the 26th of January but has been postponed and till date, nothing is known about the new date when the Hajj balloting for the 2018 Hajj season be conducted.

The Hajj balloting was halted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs at the last moment on the stay order verdict issued by the Sindh High Court (SHC).

The Hajj aspirants are super disappointed as they are stuck in middle. The applications and the fees, is already deposited in the prescribed banks. This year a record-breaking number of Hajj applications were received.

The Pasban-e-Pakistan earlier criticized on the government’s improper conduct in listening to the issues of the Hajj applicants. It was also requested to the Chief Justice to take a Suo-moto action on the issue so that the Hajj aspirants of 2018 could be saved from the mental agony they are being put through.

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