Supreme Court Orders to Remove all Advertising Billboards in Karachi


Earlier today, the Supreme Court ordered to remove all the billboards in Karachi.

A case has been put up in the court regarding the illegal installation of the advertising billboards on the private and public properties and as well as on the roads in Karachi. The case was heard in an Apex court bench led by Gulzar Ahmed Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The hearing was set up after the recent incident which occurred in Karachi where two motorcyclists were hit by the billboard during the last rain spell. In response to this incident, Iftikhar Ali Shalwani Karachi Commissioner ordered to immediately remove each and every billboard across Karachi.

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In today’s hearing, Chief Justice gave a task to the commissioner to handle the increasing number of billboards that are being installed in Karachi illegally. According to the chief justice, the billboards have been put up nearly everywhere in Karachi. He gave the example of the buildings at Shahra-e-Faisal which have uncountable billboards.

The commissioner added that people are abusing the public properties and moreover he claims that there is mafia involved in this.    

Hence, the commissioner directed to take strict action against the people who are behind this illegal installation of billboards.

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