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Supreme Court Orders 4 Milk Manufacturing Factories to be Sealed

The Supreme Court (SC) directed four private pasteurized and skimmed milk producing factories on Saturday to be sealed and prohibited from selling their products to the public as they are “unfit for human consumption”.

The court further instructed the companies to recall and immediately pull back their complete stock of products supplied to the markets of Karachi and Lahore. This decision was taken by a three-judge bench, led by Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Advocate Mohammad Vadwa—he was selected as a commissioner on the 14th of January to collect samples of all the different brands of packaged milk and get them analysed and tested and to file a report of the Pakistan Council for the Scientific and Industrial Research.

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A total of fifty-three samples were gathered from the different areas of the city and then were sent for the chemical analysis. As per the laboratory results, four of the samples of pasteurized and skimmed milk were found not suitable for the consumption of humans.

The report provided the details for calling the four samples not suitable for human consumption. It briefed that the samples of the Day Fresh Whole Milk (pasteurized) was not suitable because of the presence of faecal coliforms and coliforms in it. The sample of Day Fresh Ultra-High (UHT) was also found unsafe for human use.

As per the report, the chemical analysis revealed that the sample of Nurpur Full Cream Milk was also not suitable for human consumption. The sample of Skimilac Skimmed Milk Powder was also found unsafe.

It is important to mention that the chemical analysis revealed as stated by the report that three of the international products were found safe and suitable for the human consumption, but these products failed to meet the local standards. These foreign-made products include—Lacnor Full Cream Milk, Dairy Morning Milk Powder and Almarai Milk (UHT).

The report revealed that the samples of forty-six other products including the tea whitener, packaged milk, full cream milk, low-fat milk and flavoured milk were found safe and suitable for human consumption, but they also do not abide with the local standards.

The report had this mentioned in it by the commission that it did not include the sample analysis of baby milk or other related nutritional or supplement milk.

After the report was examined and read the Chief Justice ordered the sealing and ban on these four milk producing companies immediately and forbade them from selling their products.

The bench also fined the lawyer with rupees fifty thousand as he kept on insisting not to ban the private milk making companies and instead to get a fresh test conducted on their products.

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