Supreme Court Halts the Release of Prisoners

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has halted the release of hundreds of prisoners. These prisoners were supposed to get freedom amid the fear of coronavirus outbreak in overcrowded jails of the country.

The Islamabad High Court and other high courts issued the order of release of over 500 under-trial prisoners who were sentenced for their involvement is small crimes.

However, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Gulzar Ahmed remarked: “Coronavirus is a serious issue but the decisions taken in haste and fear won’t work.”

As per the top court, the high courts did not take the complainants’ view into consideration while ordering the release of the prisoners.

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The two-member bench has also barred the high courts and provincial government for going ahead with any such order of release of prisoners.

It has asked for the concerned government officials to hear their views on the matter and the hearing has been adjourned until Wednesday.

The two-member bench also barred all the high courts, and the provincial governments from passing any such order.

It is pertinent to mention here that confirmed coronavirus cases in the country have crossed the 1700 mark. Also, there has been a sudden increase in the death of coronavirus patients in the country. 21 people have lost their battle to the virus in Pakistan and the situation is just aggravating. Punjab has been the most hit province followed by Sindh.

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