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Supreme Court expected to ban Indian content

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is expected to ban the Indian content to be shown on Pakistani TV channels.

Mian Saqib Nisar, the Chief Justice of Pakistan made it clear that we won’t allow Indian content in Pakistan as it “damages our culture”.

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A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice was hearing an appeal filed by the PEMRA against the decision of the high court to ban the broadcast of Indian content including dramas on Pakistani TV channels.

The counsel of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority had intimated the Supreme Court that the foreign content has been banned on the orders of the high court.

Saleem Baig, the chairman of PEMRA had apprised the SC bench that the 65 percent of the total content broadcasting on channel ‘Filmazia’ is foreign and the number at times rose to 80 percent.

After that argument made by the PEMRA chairman, the chief justice remarked that “we will not allow Indian content to be aired on Pakistani channel”.

The PEMRA’s counsel further explained the SC bench that Filmazia isn’t a news channel but is an entertainment channel; it doesn’t do any propaganda.

The chief justice countered that comment with “It is, however, damaging our culture.”

The top judge further observed that Faisal Siddiqui, the counsel of Pakistan Broadcasters Association was not present in the Supreme Court. “We cannot pass a judgment without hearing him,” he said.