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Superstar Made the Most Business on Box Office this Eid

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The cinema industry of Pakistan gets up-to-2 to 3 movies released on every Eid. This Eid-ul-Azha was no different, three films were released which were Superstar, Heer Maan Ja and Parey Hut Love.

As per the officially released figures, Superstar preceded all in terms of doing business on the box office, while Parey Hut Love came at the second spot and Heer Maan Ja came last in terms of doing business on the box office.

As per cinema watchdogs, the collections were fairly disappointing in comparison to what was made earlier on Eid-ul-Fitr last year.

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The Mahira Khan starer Superstar made Rs.40million on the initial 2days of the release. This was the largest collection made on this Eid from all the other films released.

Parey Hut Love starring Maya Ali was able to bring in Rs.10.8million on the first 2 days of its release, placing it nearly 30million below Superstar.

The Hareem Farooq starred film, Heer Maan Ja was just a bit behind Parey Hut Love and made 10.6million on the initial 2 days of its release.

Although the stakeholders in the 3 films were generally pleased with the business made by these movies, they all mutually agreed that the films were unable to gather as much as the other films did on the previous Eid.

As per experts, the 3 films together would not be able to lead the collection of the movies released on Eid-ul-Fitr. The producers and the team of the 3 films are expecting and hoping for a better collection in the upcoming weekends.

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