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Supersonic Planes to Take Passengers in 4 hours to London from Dubai

The Boom Supersonic would be enabling the advantage of faster transportation from Dubai to London in just the span of four and a half hours. The time taken by a normal airplane to fly from Dubai to London is of eight hours. The supersonic Boom would be reducing the flight time to half.

The Boom Technology is the United States based company.

Blake Scholl—Founder of the Boom during a press conference at the United Arab Emirates Airshow said that the pilot testing of the supersonic aircraft would be done next year that is in 2018 and regular flights would be made functional from the mid of the 2020s as per the reports of Khaleej Times.

The supersonic Boom would be 2.6 times faster than a regular airplane and would be able to carry a total of fifty-five passengers. The ticket price of the aircraft would be equal to the existing business-class airplane ticket.

Scholl mentioned that the people would not be able to notice the difference as the supersonic plane is no louder than the normal aircrafts flying these days. The landing and taking off speeds are a bit faster than the subsonic planes which eventually would result in the noise reduction as the airplane flies much faster than the normal ones.

The Boom supersonics would be equipped with turbofans instead of afterburners, resulting in the reduction of noise footprint.

The company is currently working on the finding of some suitable manufacturing site of the Mach -2.2 airliner. The base of the production unit would be in the United States for keeping it close to the production engineers. The other production location could be anywhere in the world.

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