Supersonic jet can travel from London To New York in just 3 hours

A firm has successfully tested the flight of its prototype supersonic jet which can travel much faster so it can take you from London to New York in just three hours, the jet can travel as fast as 1227.63 miles per hour, the new prototype dubbed “Son of Concorde” the S-512 has the seating capacity of 22 passengers and a cruise speed of Mach 1.6.

The company has not released the images or any videos regarding the new plane but they expect to launch the jet by 2021 with customer deliveries starting in 2023.

Spike president and CEO Vik Kachoria told AFP, “the previous SX-1.2 test flights were done in a real-world situation which provided significant data as compared to tests in an artificial environment, total seven flights were conducted to test the design and flight control of the jet.”

The Spike S-512 will be flying 450 mph faster than the civilian jets, the firm says. London would be just 3 hours away from New York for day business trips, Or Paris to Dubai for shopping and entertainment and back to home for dinner would be really exciting.

The Spike Aerospace S-512 claims to be the first supersonic business jet and promised to cut the flight time by 50% for busy businessmen and CEOs. The private jet will cost roughly $60million to $80million.

The CEO of Spike Aerospace said, “Elon Musk of Tesla told the New York Times, there is an interesting opportunity to develop supersonic, electric and vertical takeoff jets. Boeing and Airbus also pondering to develop supersonic jets for future needs and gradually adopting radical changes in their jets.