Super Power introduces new electric cars in Pakistan in an auto exhibition 2017 in Karachi

Electric Cars in Pakistan by Super Power

Little electric car

The motorcycle maker ‘Super Power‘ in Pakistan is introducing its first line of new electric cars in an auto exhibition 2017 in Karachi. The company intends to start the sale within the next three months.

Electric cars are the best alternative to fuel consumption and are eco-friendly. And in countries like Pakistan where fuel prices are never stable, these environment-friendly vehicles emerge as pocket-friendly as well.

Super Power, the renowned motorcycle maker in Pakistan has been manufacturing one of the best 70cc bikes in the country. And now they are giving electric cars as one of the leaders in Pakistan.

Super Power will be importing two types of electric cars all the way from China. Model one is a 2-door car for PKR 600,000 and model two is a 4-door car for PKR 650,000.

The company told that these electric cars need a 7-hour charging time before hitting the road. And these eco-friendly cars can get to a speed of 50kmh at the max.

These cars run on a 12-volt chargeable battery. Users can charge this battery like an inverter at home or anywhere.

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These electric cars are need of the hour. Fuel prices are always unstable and for the past few months, fuel prices in Pakistan are on a continuous rise. The fuel-running cars are polluting

In addition, the number of cars running on roads has been polluting the environment since long. These electric cars are not only inexpensive but also eco-friendly.

However, there is one slight glitch; these cars need electricity as a source to get charged. And Pakistan is already short of power. And as the company plans to start selling these cars within three months, the duration of the power outage would increase by almost double as of now.

But under CPEC projects, the government is also establishing new power plants. It’s expected that these new power plants would reduce the power outage to a minimum level.

Super Power rolled out these cars soon after Mian Mansha, the business tycoon, said that he is planning to introduce electric and hybrid cars in Pakistan.

Taking advantage of this, Super Power initiates in introducing the electric cars in Pakistan. The company displayed the two models in the 3-day ’14th My Karachi-Oasis of Harmony’ exhibition, which ends today (April 7).

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