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Super Flood Prediction in Pakistan in 2019

Super flood has been predicted this year during the monsoon season as informed by the Chairman Federal Flood Commission (FFC) Ahmad Kamal. He warned that the monsoon pattern has extended to other parts of Pakistan that can result in a super flood in the country.

Kamal was briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Water Resources chaired by Nawab Yousuf Talpur.

He further said that 25 more districts came under monsoon influence due to the shift in rainfall zone to North West from North East. Out of these 25 districts, 14 districts in Punjab, and 11 in KP can experience the flood.

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The FFC Chairman said that back in 2010 the super flood caused $ 10 billion loss and then due to flash flood, Pakistan suffered over $ 9 billion loss from 2011 to 2015. According to Kamal, in the past, the water sector was ignored and not much attention was given to it.

In 2017-18 just 3.7% of total PSDP was allocated for Water Sector. Adding that it will take 14 to 34 years to finish the ongoing water projects.

According to the FFC Chairman 10- year National Flood Protection Plan-IV has been drafted that will have an estimated cost of Rs.332 billion while its implementation will be in 2 phases. The first phase will cost Rs.177.661 billion while the second phase will cost 154.585 billion.