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Super Blood Moon Dried Up the Canals of Venice

The most famous city of Italy—Venice is experiencing unusual weather conditions owing to which the city’s widely known canals are dry and muddy.

Lack of rainfall accompanied by the low tides which were caused by the super blood blue moon resulted in dropping the water levels to more than sixty centimetres, halting the gondola and boat operations.

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As per the reports of the Independent, some waterways have closed completely, while the Grand Canal—which is the city’s most significant channel continues to provide access for the travelling of water buses.

The city of Venice remains regularly under the threat of flooding because of the high tides—or aqua alta in the Northern Adriatic.

This is important to mention that this is not the first time that the Italian city has experienced such a major drop in the water levels.

Back in 2016 water levels dived down by sixty-six centimetres and in 2008 and 1989 dropped by ninety centimetres. The lowest record was made in the year 1934 when the water levels leapt by one hundred and twenty-one centimetres.

On social media, this weather condition was being called as drought which was immediately corrected by the Italian forecasters. Upon the return of rainfall, water levels would be expected to recover back to normal on Friday.

Most of the world saw the rare super blue blood moon on Wednesday, sky watchers were amazed to see the partial lunar eclipse.

As per a report printed last year Venice is under the risk of incurable flooding which could leave it underwater by the end of the century.

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