Sunbird has momentarily suspended its services

The firm behind the eponymous app, Sunbird, has momentarily suspended its operations due to security issues that it is presently looking into. Its users were given access to this information today via the app. When it is “ready to proceed,” the business promises more updates.

The Sunbird service allowed Android users to talk to Apple users over the iMessage protocol. The user had to sign in using their Apple ID from inside the Sunbird app to start messaging. It accomplished this by running a version of an Apple account over a virtual machine that was running on a Mac on its servers.

A few days ago, we learned that Nothing and Sunbird collaborated to introduce the Nothing Chats app. Later, it was unveiled that Sunbird was not abiding by the end-to-end encryption practice. The company was accused of not storing the data in its database. A report from indicated that the user’s data was prone to attack from hackers. Such information impacted Sunbird, as did Nothing Chats.

After this report, the beta version of the Nothing Chats app was removed by the company from the Google Play Store. The company indicated that the app was removed due to security concerns. These words from the company were heavily criticized for being misleading and inaccurate. There is no official word about it from both companies. Yesterday, Sunbird pulled its app from the Play Store and suspended its services.

It is clear that a lot of work needs to be done before offering the smooth and suggested user experience. There is no clue about the future of the Nothing Chats app. if the business is even interested in going in this direction, particularly considering that Apple recently announced RCS compatibility for its Messages app, which would essentially eliminate the necessity for these kinds of services.

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