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Summer Holidays Extended till the 31st of July in Sindh

The Sindh education department on Wednesday took the decision of extending summer vacations until the 31st of July, as reported by the local media.

Alia Shahid—the Education Secretary finalised the draft for the extension of the summer holidays.

The summary would be sent to Fazlur Rehman—the caretaker Chief Minister for the final go-ahead after the approval of Sadia Rizvi—the caretaker Education Minister.

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As per the Secretary of Education, the reasons behind the decision of extending the vacations is related to the ongoing election campaigns and activities in the country and the involvement of public school teachers in the upcoming elections.

It was in news earlier that there are definite chances of extension in the summer holidays due to the upcoming polls in Pakistan.

According to the local media reports, the federal government was asked to extend the summer holidays in the educational institution of the province of Sindh until the 27th of July. Previously, the summer holidays in Sindh were announced from the 14th of May until the 16th of July. Now pertaining to the on-going election activities and the engagement of government schools’ staff in them indicates that regular classes would not be possible.

Summer vacations in the province started much earlier owing to the scorching heat in the blessed month of Ramazan. The decision was taken to provide some relief to the students.

It is important to mention that the General Elections of Pakistan would be held on the 25th of July 2018 that is Wednesday. So even if the government have decided otherwise, regarding extending the vacations, it would be a holiday in Pakistan as people would be going out for casting votes.

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