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Suggestions to Keep Friday Congregations Short

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The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has drafted suggestions about holding the religious congregations amid coronavirus outbreak.

The council has asked for keeping the Friday prayers short by reciting a brief Khutba and asked the elderly and children not to visit the mosques. Presently, the situation is not such that the Friday prayers are not offered or the mosques are closed, said that the Chairman CII Qibla Ayaz while speaking to the local media.

He indicated that the final verdict of holding the Friday prayers congregations resides with the government.

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He also said that if the situation gets worse and the government imposes limitations on holding the Friday prayers congregations, people would have to follow the directions.

Ayaz has called for postponing the continuation of the religious gatherings in the wake of the virus threat.

In the meantime, the CII suggestions would be sent to the federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The National Security Committee had tasked the Council of Islamic Ideology to consult with the ulema about the holding of the religious congregations especially the Friday prayers.

The Minister for religious affairs then held talks with the scholars about the various schools of thought.

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