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Suggestions to Change Mobile Phone Registration System

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The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) has been asked by a Senate body to revise the suggested registration system for mobile phones and permit people coming from abroad to bring more than just 1 mobile phone for personal use or as a gift.

The Senate body was told before, that the persons coming to Pakistan could bring just one handset with them and they have to pay tax on every extra mobile phone.

Rubina Khalid—the Senator who lead the Senate Standing Committee on IT and telecommunications said that it is not logical to ask passengers coming in Pakistan to register mobile phones which they have brought in the country as a gift or for their personal use.

The board also discussed the process for tax collection on the mobile phone devices and that they should be collected at the airports.

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Back in 2018, PTA launched a Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) for handling the spread of smuggled phones in Pakistan.

Later PTA released a statement that DIRBS would become operational on the 20th of October, which too was later extended to the 1st of December. Since that time the government is under great pressure by the standing committee for extending the deadline, owing to which the ministry has taken the decision to keep the imposition on hold.

The board was also briefed that since January, nearly 34,000 people had filed for the registration of mobile phones, and out of those registered individuals, 116 had paid taxes on the additional handsets amounting to Rs1.5 million.

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