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Sugar Prices Issues on Rise in Country After Wheat Flour Crisis

sugar prices

Following the wheat flour crisis that has risen another issue is increasing with the surge in the sugar prices owing to the shortage of the item, as per the reports of local media.

Sugar is a basic commodity in the Pakistani dishes, it has registered Rs.10 per kilogram in the past one week, the wholesale rate of the item has increase from Rs.64 to Rs.74 per kilogram and an acute lack surfaced in the nation.

The sugar traders association officials in Lahore have made the claim the speculation mafia has sparked the increase in the sugar prices. The item is being purchased in Lahore at Rs.80 per kilogram. It has become tough for the common man to purchase sugar.

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Sugar prices have increased as high as Rs.64 per kilogram in past 15 months.

As per the reports, the prices of sugar have also surged with Rs.8 to Rs.10 per kg in Faisalabad.

The price of a bag of 100 kilo sugar has surged by Rs.300 in the city, as per the claims of the wholesale traders in Karachi.

In the meantime, the industry sources have made the claims that the hoarding of the commodity and the speculation have ignited the surge in the sugar price in the nation.

It is important to mention that the flour crisis in the nation has become severe, affecting the major cities like Hyderabad, Lahore and Karachi with the prices surges to Rs.70 per kilogram in some areas.

PM Khan, previously, it took notice of the wheat price hike and has directed a crackdown on the hoarders and the profiteers for overcoming the crisis.

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