Sugar Prices Dipped by Rs. 15/kg in a Week

According to the wholesale market, prices of sugar has dropped by Rs. 15 per kg in a week. The new price is Rs. 80 per kg.


Actions taken by the government resulted in a reduction in the prices of sugar. It is said that the price of the commodity has reduced by Rs. 4 per kg in the wholesale market. The retails prices dipped by Rs. 8 per kg.

The 100-kg sack of sugar witnessed a dip of Rs. 1,500 i.e. it dropped from Rs. 9,500 to Rs. 8,000.

It is also informed that a representative of the wholesale community in Karachi told that the current week had witnessed a total dip of Rs. 15 per kg. The price of sugar at the start of the week was Rs. 95/kg which is now Rs. 80/kg.

Some say it is the result of the government’s wise decision when they announced timely crushing of sugarcane.

The new price in the retail marketplace is Rs 92 per kg which was Rs. 100 per kg earlier.

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