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Sugar Price Reaches Record High In Pakistan

Sugar price

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) which has released details regarding sugar prices in the country. According to statistics, the price of sugar in Peshawar has reached Rs 110 per kg, while in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad and Rawalpindi, the price of sugar is Rs. 10 per kg higher which makes it Rs.120 per kg.

In Hyderabad, sugar is sold at Rs 100 per kg, while in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Multan, and Sukkur, sugar is being sold at Rs 95 per kg. The average price of sugar in the country is up to Rs 95.67 per kg and the minimum price of one kg of sugar is Rs 92 while the maximum is Rs 110. According to the data, prices of 15 food items increased and prices of 13 items decreased in a week while prices of 23 items remained stable in a week.

On-Going Wheat Crisis And Strike

There is also an ongoing wheat and flour crisis in the country, the Nanbai association has declared a shutter down strike in Rawalpindi due to shortage of supply and increased flour and wheat prices, the CM Punjab has taken effective measures to stabilize the supply and prices of wheat and flour in the country yesterday. The advisor to PM for Finance, Hafiz Sheikh also vowed yesterday for a smooth supply of wheat and flour which could stabilize the prices.

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