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Successful Hajj Applicants Could Send Close Relatives in Their Place for Hajj

The Hajj aspirants who have been successful for the Hajj 2018 and wishes to send their closed ones or relatives to perform Hajj in their place have been asked to submit the applications for the purpose.

As per a notification issued by the ministry, the successful Hajj applicants under the government Hajj scheme who are unable to go and perform Hajj this year owing to any reason or whatsoever despite the fact that their names have come out in the Hajj balloting conducted for the fifty percent of government Hajj quota by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, recently, they have been asked first to take back their deposited money.

The Hajj amount refund forms could be downloaded from the website. The forms need to be submitted to the accounts officer—Refund of the ministry.

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The ministry would then issue a Refund Authority Letter permitting the applicants to get their deposited money back from the related bank branch.

Once the refund is obtained, another application needs to be submitted to the section officer of the Hajj policy requesting a permit to allow his/her closed relatives as his/her substitute for performing Hajj under the Government Hajj Scheme this year in his or her place.

The ministry would issue a letter, indicating its agreement to the substitute Haji. Then the substitute Haji would submit his/her Hajj application along with a copy of the passport to the related bank branch.

The applicants who have been lucky in the balloting and do not want to go for performing Hajj should submit a reason for the withdrawal from Hajj along with death certificate or medical certificate, etc.

The substitute aspiring Haji should necessarily be a close relative of the successful applicant.

The relationship proof, along with a copy of the substitute’s passport, his/her computerized national identity card should also be submitted to the ministry.

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