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Substandard Helmets Being Sold in the Market

substandard helmets

While the government is making sure that the instructions of the court are implemented properly regarding the use of helmets by the motorcyclists, however, substandard helmets are being sold in the market, thus making no difference in the safety of the riders, as per a conducted study.

According to the tests and study done by the Ministry of Science and Technology, millions of helmets both the ones manufactured locally and imported are not up to the standards of safety. Not just the helmets are poor in quality however it has been proved that even the ones wearing them are not safe from the hazards of accidents.

According to the documents, in nearly 24 cases of motorcycle accidents in Karachi, the lives of many riders were lost owing to fatal injuries on the head because of the quality of helmets which was substandard.

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The study also indicated that the safety standards employed in the making of such helmets in the world are extensively ignored in Pakistan.

The Young Doctors Association in Punjab were the first ones to raise the issue of motorbike rider’s safety. They approached the Lahore High Court (LHC) after they noticed the increasing number of accidents of the motorcycle riders resulting in the los of lives on a daily basis.

The LHC later issued directives thus banning the sale of fuel to the motorcycle riders who were not wearing helmets in the provincial capital of Punjab.

Later the sale of fuel to the non-helmet wearing riders was also halted in the cities of Rawalpindi, Quetta, Karachi and Lower Dir.

The substandard quality of helmets was also noticed when the concerned authorities started to discuss the options of making the helmets a must for every rider.

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