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Subhanis Group to Invest $3 billion in Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector

Subhanis Group is ready to invest $3 billion in Pakistan through its partner BMS International Commercial Investment. The Group is ready to invest in the real estate, energy, hospitality & leisure hotels & parks, healthcare, education, agriculture & fishery industry of Pakistan.

Hamid Subhani said, “We discussed the investment opportunities with the chairman of BMS International Commercial Investment in Abu Dhabi who assured us to invest in this country.”

As per MettisGlobal News, the Chairman of BMS International Commercial Investment wrote a letter to the Subhani’s group, confirming that the company will invest in the above-mentioned sectors of the country.

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The letter also disclosed that the firm will also attend the international symposium at Pak-UAE Property Show 2018. This symposium will be held in Islamabad from April 26th to April 28th.

Subhanis Group is organizing the property show of Pak-UAE. Over 80 exhibitors will participate in this event and more than 8000 visitors are expected to attend the event.

In March, Pakistan Tourism Development Authority (PTDC) and Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Pakistan (STFP) declared their support to the Pak-UAE Property Show 2018 that will be held at Pak-China Friendship Centre in Islamabad.

The aim of the event by Subhanis’ Group is to find investment opportunities in the country. Identify the market prices and present development program going on in real estate and property business. So the main goal is to get enlightened with the growing trends along with risks & challenges.

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Through this event, there will be a chance for the group to interact with potential clients, meet up with the government officials and representatives from the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. So in simple terms, Subhani’s Group will be able to interact with prospective clients to collaborate for business partnerships in near future.