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Study Says Big Weddings Lead to Shorter Marriages

Huge, luxurious, extravagant weddings, is the new rising trend of the present and is becoming extensively famous among the young couples with every passing day. Every other wedding that we see these days is something more elaborative of the others we have seen in the past. There is no harm in doing so, provided that one has the ability to afford all the expenses. Every couple who intends to tie knot looks forward to making their big day a super amazing memorable one—I mean who doesn’t?

Though the concept and the whole idea of a big wedding sound amazing and fun, the stats might not be in favour. As per a recent study that was conducted by the Emory University in Atlanta, spending a lot on one’s wedding could lead to divorce eventually, according to the reports of The Independent.

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Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M Mialon—the researchers conducted the survey of more than three thousand married couples in the United States and they found that the marriage duration possesses an inverse relationship with the amount spent on the wedding ceremony and wedding related activities.

As per a study, weddings that cost nearly around $5,000 to $10,000 indicates fewer chances of ending in divorce than the ones in which $20,000 or more is spent.

The research findings also indicate that the costlier the engagement ring, the fewer chances of marriage to last long. The study paper says that particularly in the case of men who spend $2,000 and $4,000 for buying the engagement ring are linked with 1.3 times more chance of divorce, in comparison to the ones who spend $500 to $2,000.

Another fact that was studied by the researchers was that the couples who leave for the honeymoon immediately after getting married have got a suggestively lower risk of divorce.

This study if taken seriously could alter and also give new marriage related targets to the couples.

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