Study Reveals People with Strong Handshakes are More Intelligent

As per a new research people with strong handshakes are more intelligent and have much better memories.

The research was conducted by the University of Manchester, in which 475,397 were analysed throughout the United Kingdom and it was discovered that people who had stronger grips in handshakes performed better in the assessment of brain function.

In the general population, the study found that the maximal grip strength was positively and majorly linked to the visual memory, reasoning, quantitative memory, reaction time and prospective memory.

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Strong handshakes could be a sign for the bosses to judge when looking for hiring the most intelligent employees at the interview.

The most recent study took into consideration the gender, weight, age and education, and now the research team is further looking into expanding the already conducted research.

They expect to make such a relationship exhibiting that whether exercise could be a good way of strengthening and boosting brain power.

Dr Joseph Firth—the research study leader said it could be seen clearly that there is a clear relation between the muscular strength and the health of the brain.

He added that more research is needed to test if we could make our brains much healthier by incorporating in activities which makes our muscles stronger like weight training.

Geoffrey Beattie—the head of the psychological sciences of the University of Manchester have devised a formula which took into consideration twelve key factors required for conveying trust and respect to the recipient by a handshake.

The steps for a perfect handshake with grip are:

  • Use the right hand
  • Complete and firm grip but not that hard or strong
  • Palm must be cool and dry not sweaty
  • Nearly three shakes
  • Medium level of vigour
  • Do not hold the hand any longer than two or three seconds

While making the handshake eye contact must necessarily be made and kept throughout and a good genuine natural smile with an appropriate verbal statement, as per the scientist.

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