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Students infuriated as PMC changed MDCAT 2020 Syllabus at the last minute

Many of the students are unhappy with the syllabus announcement by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC)

The MDCAT 2020 will take place on November 15, 2020, PMC had announced last week.

According to the report, the council had earlier stated that the MDCAT exam would not contain any topic which was outside the existing syllabus of the students’ respective province.

One person took to Twitter to complain about the announcement by PMC regarding the exams.

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Frustrated by the repeated changes instance by the PMC, another student stated that the council, perhaps, needed a doctor.

One person advised the PMC not to take “dumb decisions” at the last minute as students had suffered enough already.

Another Twitter user wondered whether the council considered students machines who could adapt to whatever mode they decided.

Another categorically said: “National MDCAT is not possible”.

Earlier in October, the PMC made the announcement that it had appointed National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) as the “examination providing entity” for the MDCAT  the admission test for medical colleges that will be held in the second week of November.

Furthermore, it stated that the exam will be based on the common FSC syllabus of all provinces in Pakistan, adding that applicants can use the syllabus already announced by NUMS for the MDCAT.

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