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Student Died During A Slap-Fight Game

A student of class six lost his life while he was engaged in playing an innocent “face-slapping’ game at his school in Pakistan in the province of Punjab, as per the media reports.

During lunchtime, Bilal and Aamir agreed and started playing the face-slapping game (Thapar Kabaddi) at the Government High School Mian Channu when Bilal was badly struck at his neck.

During the game, the students and teachers also gathered in the ground to watch the game, as reported by the media.

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This incident had occurred previously this month, however, the video of the occurrence surfaced just recently.

As the game started, both Bilal and Aamir started slapping each other as hard as they could. The event took an indecent turn when Bilal was unable to tolerate Aamir’s slaps and lost consciousness and fell the on ground.

Nobody came for his help and shifted him to the nearby hospital while the rescue team also reached the site late after like a delay of almost half an hour.

Sources revealed that the school administration failed to take Bilal to the hospital for medicinal treatment on an immediate basis after the incident and are equally responsible as the local police for not carrying out the post-mortem of the body.

Thappar Kabaddi which is also known as the Chanta Kabaddi, is a popular sport in many cities of the province of Punjab.

The dead body of Bilal was sent back to his home. His death is a question mark over the careless attitudes of headmaster, teachers, police and the rescue team.

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