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Strings Held Pakistan’s Very First Concert for the Deaf People

Strings—the Pop Rock band have always attained full marks when it comes to satisfying their fans with their music and they have won millions of hearts. This time they held a concert for the deaf people. This gesture has definitely earned them more respect than ever.

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, nearly three hundred deaf people got a chance to enjoy a concert that was held by Strings at the Habib University on Thursday. Strings—an already famous name in the music industry gave one more reason to their fans to love them more as they celebrated thirty years of their album “30” by including deaf people in the celebration, who equally enjoyed their songs like everyone else.

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The deaf people did not only get a chance to enjoy the concert via sign language but also, they felt the music that was organized in such a manner for them so that they could feel the bass and completely experience the songs.

The concert began with deaf models from Amir Adnan’s ramp walk interpreting the national anthem. The concert was organized with the mutual collaboration of Strings, Habib University and start-up ConnectHear. The firm used the caption “Deaf and Proud” for the concert.

ConnectHear started back in June last year, it works for filling the communication gap between the deaf people and society. Azima Dhanjee—the CEO and one of the co-founders of ConnectHear talked about the appropriate term that should be used for the ones who finds it difficult to hear. She said that deaf is the word with which throughout the world community identifies themselves with.

She shared about the many facilities that are provided to the deaf people at ConnectHear.

The start-up firm provides both in-person sign language interpretation services as well as video-based for corporations and events.

The company is also engaged in the making of a software that would convert any audio into a sign language. Azima mentioned that four interpreters worked with Strings for the concert.

Strings tweeted on this achievement that they are extremely grateful to Habib University and ConnectHear for providing them with this opportunity.

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