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Street Children of Karachi Got A Gleam of Hope for Studying

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Darul Mustafa Islamic School of Karachi is a gleam of hope for studying for the street children of the city.

As per a survey, there are 65percent of children who are not able to afford to go to school.

A news reporter paid a visit to a school-based on charity and had a conversation with the children and the principal. The principle says that the goal to run a charitable school is to form a literate society and also their main focus is on the children coming from unaddressed sectors.

The principal also said that the children who come to his school are mostly street children or they are underage labours.

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One of the kids studying in the school told that he got enrolled in this school 2 years back and before that he used to work with his father as labour.

Another student told that he also used to work as labour with his father but now studying in this school helped him learn a lot, study and paint as well. His paintings decorated the entire classroom as well as the walls of the school building.

The first-ever child to get enrolled in the school is now a student studying of the 9th grade. He told that he used to mend punctured tires, and then later he got admission in this school. Currently, he is working at the tire shop but also getting his education side by side. He goes to the school at 8 am and gets back at 2:30 pm and then goes to the tire shop to work.

This Charity school has become a great ray of hope for such children, who were hopeless to get any education. But now this school has motivated them to learn and they are eager to provide any kind of contribution to society from their side.

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