Strategies for clearing CSS exam

Central Superior Services (CSS) is a tough examination with thousands of candidates from all across the country appearing. It is also one of the most competitive exams in the country. Luckily, with a few strategies, it is easy to clear the written examination and be allocated in the prestigious civil services of the country. Here are a few to make your preparation easier:

  1. Select optional subjects that you have an interest in. You can go over the past papers and have an idea about the sort of questions being asked. You will be studying these subjects for the next few months so word of advice, pick something that you like so studying is easier.
  2. Practice is the key. The more you write, the more coherent your written expression will be. The exam requires a lot of written practice so it is important that your writing speed is up to par with what the question demands.
  3. Get adequate sleep during the entire process. Sleep is so important and a lot of people neglect it because they are busy preparing, but remember, you can only retain information if you rest your mind. Otherwise, you will burn yourself out and won’t be able to perform all that well.
  4. Make sure that you revise. At least once before the exam, make sure to go through all your notes so that when you sit through the examination the information is fresh in your mind and you can form your arguments more coherently.
  5. Read the news everyday and current affair articles because that helps in forming opinions about how the current global politics should be handled. Also, it will polish up your analytical skills and help you in understanding the bigger picture.
  6. Always work strategically. You don’t need to read every book out there for a subject. Just select one or two from the recommended book list and read through it.

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  1. Dear Shehr Bano,

    Very informative article for the CSS Candidates. The only way to get Succeed in CSS Exams One must be determined and Passionate. You must know very well about the tips that will give you success. While attempting the papers one more tip is that you must know “The Art of Study, Presentation, and Examination” This will help you a lot.

    Thanks and Regard

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