Stigma Motorsports Decides to Launch a Hybrid Car in Pakistan

Sigma Motorsports

Recently, Sigma Motorsports a Lahore-based motorcycle dealership that deals in imported bikes have announced that it will be launching a subcompact hybrid car in Pakistan.

According to the reports, Sigma Motorsports informed that the vehicle will feature a hybrid powertrain comprising of a petrol engine and an electric motor, and will be fortified with a solar roof that provides extra energy to its electric motor.

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Moreover, a few images of the vehicle had appeared on the internet about a month ago even though they do not disclose significant details, it is obvious that the vehicle is possibly a small hatchback.

On the other hand, no details have been exposed to the hybrid’s performance, features, and price, but it was reported at the time of the early teaser that it will be launched soon.

Though there are a few hatchbacks available in the market, buyers look forward to more diversity in this segment, and the hybrid car seems to have the essential elements to be a strong contender in the local car market.

It is notable that the price tags are key influencers of people’s buying decisions in our market. Whether or not Sigma Motorsports will be able to exploit that market trend is yet to be seen.

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