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Steam-Powered Vintage Trains to Return – Pakistan Railways

The steam-powered vintage trains are to return back in Pakistan. Pakistan Railways has made the decision to return the steam-powered trains. Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed had a meeting with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Minister for Tourism Atif Khan. Both the dignitaries discussed the revival of steam-engine trains.

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The steam engines will be linked with the safari or the tourist trains. It is expected that the first steam-train will run to Attock Khurd from Peshawar.

The aim of the project is to not just promote tourism but also allow the travelers to have an experience of the vintage trains.

Furthermore it has been agreed between the ministers to revive the Takht-I-Bhai railway track. Furthermore it was agreed by the ministers to work on extending the train access to the historical location of Gandhara.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Railways that the tourist train project from Peshawar to Attock Khurd will start in February. He disclosed that the private sector and the KPK government will collaborate to launch the project.

Presently Pak Railways has four steam engines and they will be used in Safari trains.