State Bank Issues List of e-Branches for Fresh Currency Notes


The State Bank of Pakistan—SBP has issued a complete list of e-branches in Pakistan for issuing fresh currency notes for the upcoming Islamic festival of Eid-ul-Fitr between the 20th to 31st of May 2019.

The apex bank has also announced an SMS service via which people would get themselves registered before visiting the designated branches for getting the fresh currency notes.

People have been told to send an SMS on 8877 along with their CNIC number and the branch code of the respective bank.

In turn, consumers would get a message containing the Redemption Code, the address of the e-branch and expiry date of the Redemption Code.

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The consumers have been told to visit their respective e-branches along with their CNICs and a photocopy of their CNIC and the Redemption Code received via 8877.

Fresh currency notes could also be obtained by visiting the head office of the State Bank of Pakistan.

It is important to mention that the branch ID for an e-branch is different from the current branch/SWIFT code of the bank.

The received Redemption Code would be valid only for 2 working days as per the provided dates in the message.

A person could get 3 packets of Rs.10 and 1 packet each of Rs.50 and Rs.100.

It is also informed that each CNIC/Smart card number or mobile number could only be used once for obtaining the fresh currency notes.

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