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Startup in Pakistan Invents New Dialysis Machine


On Monday, a US-based startup for medical devices in Lahore Byonyks originated Pakistan’s first dialysis machine that will provide ease to the patients to go through the process at their homes, as per the reports of Express Tribune.

The machine has been named as Robo Kidney. This machine is Pakistan’s first innovation which will provide accommodation to all local and international kidney failure patients.

According to Quoting Statistics, around 75% of kidney patients in Pakistan are infected with Hepatitis-C and the traditional dialysis treatment spreads it even more.

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The dialysis machine is affordable and bloodless. Also, it was designed keeping in mind the unkind local conditions.

The machine was designed after consulting with Pakistan’s most leading medical specialists and nephrologists. Now, all the kidney failure patients will be able to get treatment from their homes. The process is also not very costly.

As per the press release, a workforce in Pakistan has received training from Byonyks in collaboration with the leading experts in the world to create the newest medical innovations.  

This will help in improving the healthcare of the dialysis patients, improving the national economy, and reduce national disease burden.

This new innovation of the dialysis machine will be available for use in a few months after the regulatory approval.

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