How to Start the New Year Like a Boss?

start the new year like a boss

The New Year is already here and you must have your resolutions for 2017. But keep in mind that many of us will break the New Year’s resolution even before the month ends. So, do you want to start the New Year like a boss or a quitter?

Setting a resolution for 2017 is not the hard part. It gets tougher when it’s to be retained until its augmentation. But if you plan wisely and keep up with your resolution, you’d definitely find yourself standing above the crowd.

To help you start the New Year like a boss, I’ve created a list of useful tips from some entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders and even freelancers. Follow these tips and I’m pretty sure that you’d feel a strength in your marketing strategies.

Tips from Winners to Start the New Year Like a Boss

Reach your Audience via Smartphone – Ayodeji Onibalusi

Technology has given us the use of smartphones, so why waste it?

Reports claim that around 90 percent of the youth never let go their mobiles. They’re texting, posting, emailing or taking photos.

Another report says that 78 percent of the millennial go for their mobile as they get up from bed. Being so attached to their smartphones, this gives an idea of reaching this age group via mobiles.

Mobile apps, games, accessories and so on, could be the one thing where you get the attention of the millennial.

Stop Pretending to be Perfect – Amna Shamim

This is the simplest but purest tip (rather an advice) one could offer.

Nothing in this world is perfect. Not even nature. You’d find ups and downs, pluses and minuses, and yeses and nos.

Don’t struggle for something you can’t achieve. If you failed to set up your own venture, don’t just quit. Learn from the mistakes you’d made and those made by others. And then improvise to move forward.

Haven’t you hear about the business cycle – a depression, a recovery, a boom, and then a recession phase. And the cycle repeats itself.

So find that one weak spot, work on it, and put yourself back together to start the New Year like a boss.

Become an Instagram Specialist – John Rampton

Social media marketing is the new look. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the list goes on. All these are best networks to market your presence.

If you’re a photographer, Instagram is the best social media network for you to reach your audience. If you’re a social media enthusiast, get a hold on Instagram.

The key is to master Instagram to build a brand on this booming social media platform.

Get Your Own Blog – Richard Agu

Since we talked about social media marketing, blogging is one key you can never ignore.

It’s really easy to get a blog and reach a wider audience with an expense affordable by anyone.

There’s a whole big science after the ways a blog acts as a marketing tool. But the simplest to learn is – a blog is created to attract effective readers.

Start Small – Timothy Sykes

It’s good if you intend to grow your business by the end of 2017. But if you dream to become Sam Ovens in days, you need to calm yourself down.

Success can never be achieved in a day. It requires continuous effort and courage.

In simple terms – dream big, but start small and keep on moving towards your dream.

Find Your True Prospect – Brian Hughes

It is easy to dream of getting a large number of clients. But it isn’t practical.

Be a realist and find the right client for your business. Before reaching to a client, first, understand your own business.

Compare your services and costs with your competitors. Find what type of business is (or likely to be) more inclined towards your business. This overview could give you a much clearer picture of your potential clients, and then you’d make your strategies stronger to score those clients.

Plan for the Next 100 Days – Lyneir Richardson

100-Day Plan – this is a technique followed by any newly elected American President. This 100-day plan will not help in achieving the short-term goals but rather will act as a backbone of a much bigger picture.

Every entrepreneur, business person, and marketer, must develop their 100-day plan.

If 100 sounds too big, reduce it to the minimal. The theme is to have your short-term plan to help you achieve your goals.

How Should You Start the New Year Like a Boss?

With every New Year, we make so many resolutions which by all means are valuable. But we can’t keep up with them for long. Why? The last tip above is going to give you one-half of the answer and the other half could be found from the second paragraph of the blog.

Your life is precious. Don’t waste it waiting for someone to carry you. Drive your own life and start the New Year like a boss.